The Identigene DNA Paternity Test Kit  is now sold in stores and online at WalgreensRite-Aid and CVS, which makes the test available at over 15,000 retail stores in 48 states. The test kit is sold for $29.99 and requires a do-it-yourself cheek swab. The DNA samples, along with consent forms, are then sent to the lab in a postage prepaid envelope and with payment for the additional lab fee of $119.00.  The confidential DNA test results are reported within three to five days by mail or online.  

However, parents should be warned that the do-it-yourself process may not be admissable in court. DNA testing for legal purposes requires coordinating specific specimen collection and chain-of-custody procedures with a disinterested third-party. There is an additional $200.00 fee for this process.

 Source Post: Diana L. Skaggs of the Divorce Law Journal