Hooksett Family Division

The following are the new judge and marital master assignments for family cases in the Circuit and Superior Court for January 2013 through March 2013:


1st Circuit


Hon. Paul D. Desjardins
(most of these hearings are held in Lancaster)


To Be Determined 


Hon. J. Peter Cyr

2nd Circuit


Hon. Lawrence

The Facts

            The plaintiff, Linda Thompson, filed a domestic violence petition against the defendant, Christopher D’Errico requesting an order of protection. After an evidentiary hearing, the Court issued a final order of protection, and made findings that the defendant had on a daily basis sent text messages to the plaintiff using “extraordinarily foul language”

Effective upon the opening of the new Manchester Family Division on November 12, 2009, the Administrative Office of the Courts has announced the following changes to the Family Division marital master assignments:

Marital Master Bruce Dalpra               
Dover Family Division
Brentwood Family Division (2-3 days per month)
Marital Master Robert Foley
Rochester Family Division