I found a great post by Michael Sherman of the Alabama Family Law Blog titled The Style of Your Divorce Lawyer: The Lamb, the Pitbull and the Fox. As Attorney Sherman discusses in his blog, I am also frequently asked by prospective clients if I will be aggressive or act like a tiger. The better question to pose is what is your style of lawyering and how will that impact my case? Attorney Sherman identifies three types or attorneys: the lamb, the pitbullI, and the fox. I prefer the fox:

The fox is wise and cunning.  He sees the big picture.  The fox is assertive when he needs to be, compromising when it benefits his clients’ long-term best interests, and always aware of the many different consequences his actions have on his clients.  He stands on principle. Yet, he is a strong advocate for his client when it promotes his client’s long-term best interests.  He recognizes that reaching a fair settlement is always preferable to trying the case and leaving it up to the judge.  Yet, he also knows that if a fair settlement is not forthcoming, then he must be willing and able to prepare to effectively litigate the case in court.